About Us

Crescendas is a multi-industry group with business interests in properties, hotels, building materials, innovative and technological products, green energy and environmental friendly products. Since its incorporation in 1982, Crescendas has adhered to a set of guiding principles in business and dealings with customers, staff, associates and partners and established a strong and mutually fulfilling relationship with all stakeholders. This strategic network of mutual trust and support have enabled Crescendas to grow from strength to strength over the years. Moving forward, Crescendas will remain guided by its core values and stay committed to its mission in the pursuit of its vision.

Corporate Profile

Established in 1982 and headquartered in Singapore, Crescendas is a multi-industry group with businesses in Property, Hospitality and Technology. Since incorporation, Crescendas has been committed to developing and delivering high quality solutions, products and services in our various fields of business.

Over the years, Crescendas has established and fostered a strong network of strategic and mutually fulfilling relationships with our partners, associates and clients. This strategic partnership coupled with the strong support of our customers have enabled Crescendas to develop and grow our portfolio of businesses from strength to strength both within Singapore and overseas. Besides Singapore, Crescendas has facilities and operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Australia, Sri Lanka, Maldives and United States.

Crescendas is committed to delivering optimal returns by consistently ensuring customer, staff, partner and stakeholder satisfaction. Leveraging on a comprehensive range of high quality facilities, products and services and an experienced and committed team of people, Crescendas will continue to strive for excellence to achieve industry prominence in each of our established businesses and extend our growing footprint in the region.


To gain industry prominence in each of our established businesses in Singapore and internationally.


We aim to achieve the following objectives for our stakeholders.

Our Customer

We satisfy our customers’ needs and requirements with products and services that are of high quality and value.

Our Staff

We fulfill the aspirations of our staff by providing them opportunities to develop to their fullest potential and by facilitating their career advancement.

Our Partners

We build and sustain lasting and mutually rewarding relationships with our partners.

Our Stakeholders

We seek to instill pride of ownership in our shareholders by delivering sustainable growth and returns.

Core Values


We establish a competitive edge through constantly improving ourselves and setting new benchmarks in our quest for excellence.


We strive to always deliver quality products and services and take pride in being reliable and dependable.


We are proactive and committed towards fulfilling staff’s aspirations, achieving customers’ satisfaction and meeting stakeholders’ expectations.


We foster a cohesive and compassionate culture that breeds empathy and promotes mutual understanding.


We look for innovative ways to excel in what we do and proactively steer our businesses towards the future.